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I love this so much.  It's been 4 years since the last update which means it will prob never be finished, but I would happily pay more for a full version of this.

Super cute! absolutely loved it! Thanks for the enjoyable few hours :]

supes cute <

This game is so so so so cute!!!



Also the placeholder angry customer made me laugh out loud I have never seen a more accurate depiction.

Despite the placeholder assets in many places it's great fun, funny  & really cute. Even though its just a demo & side story of your larger project its really well written, very engaging & fleshed out.  And I love the art style, a lot more  individual and distinct than many VN's, there aren't enough  VN's out there with a distinct art style. .

I do hope the  larger project lives up to the promise of this demo.

Honestly, this is one of my favourites, and I know it's been a while, but any chance this will get an update? I just love the characters, style, and story and would love to see more! So cute!

Yes please! Also waiting for an update/the final game. Absolutely loved the demo.


Hello all, we are working on the content for the "complete game". It's been a while because it's side project for all of us. But we have been chugging away. I can't promise any playable updates soon, but look forward to something?

i really loved it. so cute.

This made me feel all soft and squishy and I enjoyed it very much.

So cute and sweet!


I just finished playing, and if you're looking for a cute romance visual novel, then this is for you. Great art and character design as well, I really liked playing this  (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

oie tons el juego esta en español o ingles


gotta admit..
Only played this because i thought the maker had  put an "easter egg" with pewds and marzia.. but good job maann! good game!


Enjoyed the game so far :) looking forward to see how it looks once it's finished!


The amount of flirting it took for them to become a thing was painful lol. Still, I enjoyed playing, and it doesn't really feel like a demo - more like a full route of a game. Hope you'll still work on it or that bigger project you mentioned in the description.


Lesbian flirting in a nutshell. 

best! vn! ever! so relatable and cute, even with some bgs and sprites being obvious wips, i loved it!!!!

So based on the pics, I wasn't sure if I should get this game. I looked at the reviews and saw that people enjoyed it and so I tried it out. Have to say that this is one of my most favorite yuri comedy games cuz I have never smiled as much and laughed as much in a yuri game before!!!! Looking forward to the full game!

I really like the story. It's very engaging. The part with the lady that ordered the mocha did bring me out of the story. But only because the drastic and sudden art style change for her placeholder sprite made me burst out laughing

The writing is hilarious and realistic, the graphics are wonderful, the romances are amazing. I can't get enough of this game.

Based only on the name and thumbnail pics on I haven't even wanted to look at this demo.  I have little interest personally in man on man or man on woman romance and unless this was mis-categorized under yuri then I might suggest a some less masculine looking pics to draw eyes to your work (which looks fantastic as I download this.

I have absolutely adore this VN!!! Let me put this out there...This story is has EVERYTHING..romance laughs..relatable content..I have a few favorite VN's..this is 10000% sure on my favorite top list of VN..awesome work with details..I was praying they would get together..I can't wait for new update!!!! 400 thumps up!!!!

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I really liked it. 

I know that it's still unfished prodect, some assets are temponary placeholders and I felt like few scenes were missing but it's already a good game.

The game is quite long,  the girls looks cute (especially together) and it's very nice story.


Ohmygod my gay heart can't take this! It's so well written and the art is fantastic! There are a couple bugs here and there, but they're completely non-intrusive and almost unnoticeable. Anways, I hope you guys keep on making amazing wlw games! Can't wait until the next update!


This is so beautiful!  I loved watching the relationship between Blake and Marllie unfold, they're both too adorable for words.  It would have been nice to have more dialogue options but I understand that this is a demo and you have bigger things planned. Defintiely looking forward to what you release in the future! 


Thank you so much for all your support and kind words! We are so happy that you've enjoyed Blake and Marllie's embarrassing wild ride. We will be releasing a more polished version in about a month, so be on the lookout for that!